Documentation (WIP)


Juniper is a unified scripting framework - for use across a variety of applications which include an embedded Python interpreter.

The framework is designed to be easily configurable and extendible, and supports Plugin and Module systems.

You can find the source code on GitHub here.

Program Support

Modules for all currently supported host programs can be found in Source/Hosts/{host_name} Currently this includes:

  • 3DS Max (Tested on 2023)
  • Blender (Tested on 2.80)
  • Houdini (Tested on 2021 w/ Python 3)
  • Substance Designer (Tested on 2021.1.0)
  • Substance Painter (Tested on 2021.1.1)
  • Unreal Engine (Tested on 5.0)

Generally Juniper should work on all versions of these applications - so long as they are using Python 3.


There should be no requirements to use Juniper - so long as at least one supported program is installed. Simply run the installer from Binaries/Juniper/juniper_install.bat

(An internet connection is needed to download various external Python packages - this is done via Pip)