Hi I'm Bailey,

Technical Artist - Specialising in Pipeline, Tools, and Shaders.


Top Posts

Tree Root Generator (Houdini)

This is a Houdini based tool used to generate tree roots from input spawn positions, with a variety of inputs.

HLSL Shader Library In Unreal

As someone who has experience with using HLSL for shader coding, the lack of HLSL support in Unreal has always frustrated me.

Ocean Rendering

This was a project aiming to create a realistic looking ocean shader with sea foam, waves and realistic looking lighting. The shader code was primarily coded in HLSL, and pieced together in Unreal for the final renders.


Juniper is a unified scripting framework - for use across a variety of applications which include an embedded Python interpreter.

Desert Diorama

Small desert diorama. Mainly a test in lighting, composition and use of a minimal colour palette.

Iridescense Shader

This pack contains presets for a variety of different Iridescent based effects.


Retro Filters Pack

Pack containing filters for VHS / Glitch, CRT Monitor, Vintage, Pixelate, Retro Console, Arcade Machine, and more..

Iridescent Materials Pack

Pearlescent, Bubbles, Iridescent Paint


Hand Drawn Post Process Pack