Mesh Splitter

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These are a series of scripts used to split meshes in various different ways. Useful for processing meshes ready for importing to other packages, or simply splitting them up into individual parts.

  • Split To Elements: This splits all sub-elements in the users selection to unique meshes.
  • Split by Face Colour: This script splits all selected meshes depending on the colours of the faces.
  • Split By Smoothing Group: Splits all selected meshes into unique meshes from the smoothing groups of all faces.
  • Split By Material ID: Splits the meshes into unique meshes from the given face material IDs.


Unzip the file to any desired location on your hard drive In the 3DS Max menus, go to Scripting -> Run Script and find the script (in the root folder for the tool).

Running the Scripts (GUI):

To run the scripts in GUI mode, in 3DS max go to Scripting -> Run Script and find the script (in the root folder for the tool). This will launch a separate tool with interfaces for all 4 scripts. Just click the one you want and that’s it!

Assigning Hotkeys:

Macros are generated for quick running of all available scripts, including the GUI. To assign a hotkey, in 3DS Max go to Customize -> Hotkey Editor and choose the category FreeLime. From there you should see macros for:

  • Mesh Splitter (GUI)
  • Split By Face Color
  • Split By Material ID
  • Split By Smoothing Group

Supported 3DS Max Versions:

This script has been tested on 3DS Max 2022+, but should work on all versions from 2017 onward. If you have any issues running the script, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to assist.

Release Notes:

Added a free demo version of the script.

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