Asset Import / Export Tools

These are a series of tools written to automate the general import and export pipeline of different asset types from various DCC packages, into a final game engine (In this case Unreal).

Volcano Diorama

Tool for creating terrain in Substance designer and rendering in realtime, allowing for realtime terrain tweaking.

Iridescense Shader

This pack contains presets for a variety of different Iridescent based effects.

Ocean Rendering

This was a project aiming to create a realistic looking ocean shader with sea foam, waves and realistic looking lighting. The shader code was primarily coded in HLSL, and pieced together in Unreal for the final renders.


Retro Filters Pack

Pack containing filters for VHS / Glitch, CRT Monitor, Vintage, Pixelate, Retro Console, Arcade Machine, and more..

Iridescent Materials Pack

Pearlescent, Bubbles, Iridescent Paint


Hand Drawn Post Process Pack