Spline Tools

Splines are a great feature in most 3D packages for creating procedural and modular assets, and I’ve found that setting up assets in a way that splines can be utilized helps to save a lot of time when laying out environments, not to mention the performance and memory benefits.

Procedural Asset Placement

These are a series of Unreal based tools focused around procedural generation of geometry, and procedural placement of environment props. They were all created using a mix of C++ and Blueprints.

Library Environment

Group environment based on multiple different libraries. My responsibilities covered both the assets and technical side (Renders, lighting, procedural asset placement, shaders)

Microfibre Shader

This was a shader designer to simulate the Microfiber effect found on materials such as Moss, Fur and other surfaces in nature.


Retro Filters Pack

Pack containing filters for VHS / Glitch, CRT Monitor, Vintage, Pixelate, Retro Console, Arcade Machine, and more..

Iridescent Materials Pack

Pearlescent, Bubbles, Iridescent Paint


Hand Drawn Post Process Pack